Things to do while cruising

Why we don't get bored on board


Reading books – it is amazing what you will read when there is nothing else. We have found that in most anchorages and marinas there are book exchanges of sorts where yachties will exchange their books for yours. Many of them come from op shops on the land. Stamps inside tell interesting stories about where the books have been – if only they could talk.

Yachties are not literary snobs and anything will usually do. We have found that we have read lots of books we would otherwise not have read and have been pleasantly surprised with the content.

Playing music – we love to play our instruments and we have a flute, a violin, a saxophone, several recorders, bongo drums and a guitar on board. Our aim was to try and improve our music-making but in reality they are taking up room and we don't use them anywhere near as often as we should if we want to achieve our goal.

Drawing/ painting/photography – (artistic pursuits)I like to sit at an anchorage and draw some of the scenery and animals. I also take lots of photos on my digital camera to use for cards, calendars and inspiration when we are in port.

Boardgames / card games- Most yachts carry an interesting range of boardgames and card games. Some of our selection includes backgammon, chess, snakes and ladders, Trivial Pursuit, Pass the Pigs, and about 5 packs of cards

Sewing and knitting – I like to have a craft project – I made Katherine a patchwork quilt for her 21st birthday and cross stitch. I even make things for the boat, generator covers and outboard motor covers and other useful things. The best fabric we have found for making these things and it seems to stand up to harsh conditions in the sun etc. is the fabric that is used for tent flies. It is light weight and sews easily. We have had some hatch covers outside now for over a year and they are not showing any signs of decay.

I wouldn't be without my sewing machine, although it struggles with thick fabric like "Sunbrella" it works well on most things.

I have found that it will only work happily on the power from the Honda generator (pure sine wave electricity) The inverter and other generator make it do strange things.

One of the problems we have is that we do not have room for much stuff which is why the exchange system works so well.

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