The Adventures of Puff

Post date: Apr 23, 2011 3:00:43 AM

the Adventures of Puff, the dinghy, (A true story)

Puff, the dinghy

Once upon a time, not very long ago there was a small, light grey, inflatable dinghy called Puff. He loved having adventures with his big yellow friend Lupi2 and her people, Captain Greg and Crew Sue.

Here are Lupi2 and Little Puff

One dark and stormy night in Moreton Bay, Queensland he decided that enough attention had been given to big yellow Lupi2 and it was his turn for some fun.

Captain Greg and Crew Sue had just finished dinner and were settling down for the night in an unexplored bay at the north end of pretty Peel Island.

It was a dark, cold, rainy and very windy night. Puff was tugging and jerking on his tether letting us know he was in a playful mood. Then there was a BIG bang and all went quiet.

“What was that?” asked Captain Greg.

“Dunno . . .”replied Crew Sue.

They both went out onto the wet slippery deck to find out.

“Where's Puff?” asked the captain.

“Dunno . . .” replied the crew.

Peering through the binoculars they could see Puff away in the dark distance bobbing up and down in the rough waves free as the wild wind.

His tether had broken and he was drifting away fast into the dark Moreton Bay night.

Captain Greg and Crew Sue knew what they had to do. They called on their shy and almost neglected red dinghy, Patch, and inflated him in double quick time. They attached the spare outboard motor so that Captain Greg could go and rescue Puff.

After nearly four hours of searching Captain Greg returned to Lupi 2 and Crew Sue cold, tired, wet and very sad that he could not find the naughty little dinghy.

The police were notified of the escape and comforted Captain and Crew saying that most lost dinghies are found in a short time.

For the rest of that night and the next day and another night Lupi2 and her crew waited to hear from any one about their little grey friend. Every one was really sad.

The weather was awful. There were no other boats out on the rough, grey water. Puff wandered aimlessly, heading in a northerly direction in the big Moreton Bay, drifting in the wind and current. He was almost camouflaged because his grey colour matched the waves perfectly, except for the bright blue bonnet on his motor. He was very scared. He didn't mean to be naughty, he just wanted to play. He was very sorry.

On the morning of the second day away he saw another island and rushed toward it with all his remaining strength. He landed on lonely Red Beach on beautiful Bribie Island. It did not look beautiful this day. It was still wild and windy with squally showers of rain. Puff was cold, very tired and full of water when a man with his dog arrived for some much needed exercise on the beach. He looked at Puff and thought that this dinghy must belong to someone who needs it back. He was a very kind man and rang the police to tell them of his find.

Puff's adventure

The police rang the crew of Lupi 2 and let them know that he was safe and well and they were very, very happy.

The police arrived, emptied Puff of water, dragged him higher up the beach so the waves would not wash him away again. They wrapped him in “crime scene” tape to help keep him safe until Captain Greg and Crew Sue could find a way of getting to him.

They were many hours away with big, yellow Lupi2 waiting for the tide to rise so they could get to the great and glamorous Gold Coast. It took a long time to drive Lupi 2 to her safe anchorage.

Captain Greg and Crew Sue rushed to Beautiful Bribie Island and Red Beach to see if they could find their little Puff.

On the empty windswept Red Beach Captain Greg found cold, sad little Puff wrapped in police tape and dragged up above high tide safe and sound among the driftwood. The motor with its blue bonnet, Crew Sue's shoes, and other boat bits were still inside. Everyone was so happy.

He looked very sad and deflated tied up in the back of a truck rushing along the highway to be reunited with his big playmate Lupi2.

Puff was a bit sad about having a police record but he was forgiven because he was found safe and sound, and it wasn't really his fault that he escaped and had his big adventure on the great grey rough water of Moreton Bay.

Captain Greg has promised to make him a betters tether so when he gets playful again he will stay safely attached to his big friend.

Puff is now feeling a bit braver and is already knocking on the side of his big yellow friend wanting to go and play. He thinks he is a celebrity now with his police record and the distinctive blue and white checked tape to prove it. But Captain Greg and Crew Sue have promised to keep the naughty dinghy which had a big adventure very safe and secure for the rest of his life.