Trials and Tribulations

Post date: Sep 19, 2012 8:14:23 AM

GOAL: on returning to Langkawi, before sailing to Phuket: remove rust, grind and paint the deck – that was it – easy – NOT

All we wanted to do in Langkawi was to paint the rusty patches on the deck and get to Thailand. We had given ourselves 5 weeks to do that from leaving Penang. It wasn't that hard –


On the way back from Penang we stopped at Bidan Island, such a pretty little tropical island, we had a lovely sunset dinner “al decko” and revelled in the beauty of our surroundings. At 2 am things changed, a Sumatra (short wild storm common in this area) arrived with Big wind and thunder and lightning ( always worse at night).

This was the beginning of several weeks of windy, rainy and miserable weather. Not what we wanted for painting!

Since arriving at Telaga Harbour we have had 40 – 50 knot squalls, wind and rain for days – not just showers like we had been used to. The trip from Kuah town to Telaga Harbour was in 30 knot wild weather, so a night anchored in the lee of Singa Besar Island, about half way, was prudent and calm.

When we arrived at Telaga Harbour the work was to start. We had a sunny day so we removed the front hatch that was leaking. It required much more than removing some surface rust . . .

    • we removed half the ceiling liner in the front cabin,
    • took everything out and aired it out because it was damp.
    • A new surface to screw and glue the hatch to was welded in so that it won't leak any more.
    • The hatch was re-painted and attached again.
    • All stuff was returned to front again – took nearly 2 weeks with rain and wind halting activity several times.

Why is it that every job on a boat leads to so many other jobs ?

Wild winds blew out our bimini canvas. The boom tent now has nothing to hang on. Need a new bimini. Nothing to keep rain out of main hatch and cockpit.That will have to wait until Thailand..

Now to attack the cockpit.


    • Remove rope locker, and rusty brackets.
    • Clean up rusty cockpit wall and floor - - oh no! Holes in the metal – generators not coping with the welding – a night in the marina was called for so that we could use shore power to weld. We filled up with water too.
    • Returned to mooring (yes we are on a mooring) and cleaned up cockpit ready to paint.
    • Painted first coat of green primer and what did it do?? Rain 2 hours after it was applied. Bugger!!!
    • Waiting for a fine day to paint revealed more rust so back to grinding and chipping to get the last of the rust out.
    • THEN we repainted with new primer, We had at least 12 hours of fine dry weather for it to cure before the next rain.

We investigated going to a boat yard in Satun (Thailand) and having it all sand blasted and painted there – BUT – in this season it is too wet and unreliable to have raw steel uncovered for any time – wasting our money – so we will have it done later.

Checking under floor in bathroom found a pool of salt water again. It had been there a little while and was rusting again – thick sheets of it. Now we have removed the shower tray to get to the rusty parts of the hull. Fortunately it seems that we are not leaking from outside . . .we found where it was coming from. Now what to do??

More chipping and grinding is called for –

Then painting with primer and sealer.

Now we know where the water came from we are happier.

Who wants a used steel yacht??

The removing of rust and the painting is nearly finished. Just a few more small spots – we can do them in a couple of days – so it is off to Thailand we go.