the monster from the deep

Post date: Aug 7, 2014 5:49:15 AM

Another true story from the Adventures of Lupi2 by crew Sue

The monster from the deep

In a quiet peaceful bay in far Northern Queensland Lupi 2 and her crew, Captain Greg and Crew Sue were deciding what to have for lunch. Captain Greg announced that he would like to try fishing to catch their food. “Ok” said Crew Sue while looking into the deep warm water beside golden yellow Lupi2.

At the surface of the calm warm water were hundreds of little fish fluttering like clouds of brightly coloured butterflies. But what was that dark patch under the boat swirling in the depths? Was it seaweed or was it something else?

Captain Greg found his fishing line and rod and settled down for a few hours of relaxing fishing.

The crew didn’t want to go to shore; there were large crocodiles. They didn’t want to go away in the dinghy; they were enjoying the warm sunshine on a lazy day. Looking at the water... dreaming of a tasty fish for dinner... wondering about the dark patch under the boat and the large crocodile they could see sunning itself on the warm sand of the beach. They definitely did not want to go swimming!

Captain Greg cast out his line. Metres and metres of line uncurled in a graceful curving arc across the sky and plopped into the water. The ripples it left were the only movement. As he reeled in the lure everything was crossed: fingers, toes..., hoping to catch that elusive fish for dinner. Right in beside the boat the lure came with the usual catch on the end of the line ... nothing!

Another cast. This time further out and while reeling in very gently the thin, almost invisible line when snap! They had a fish, a very nice fish that was having a very exciting fight with the end of the line. Captain Greg was having fun on the other end trying to reel his yummy dinner in without breaking the line. It was very tricky work! Many seconds it took to bring dinner close to the side of Lupi2 and they could almost smell it cooking and taste the delicious freshly grilled meat when...


Out from under the boat came something...

Something VERY LARGE

Something with brown mottled slimy skin

And a fin the size and shape of a table tennis bat.

Its mouth took Captain Greg’s beautiful sparkling yummy looking fish sideways...

And was gone.

The line snapped!

The fish had disappeared...inside a monster!

It was someone else’s dinner now!

The water at the surface swirled and Captain Greg and Crew Sue jumped back in surprise from the edge of the boat. They did not expect to see their dinner disappear like that! Their hearts were pumping fast...their breath had disappeared for a minute...they were hardly able to speak... Captain Greg squeaked, “w-w-what was that?” Crew Sue knew...the shadow was gone.

What did it? Was it a crocodile? It did not seem like a crocodile... There was no knobbly, rough, bumpy skin. There was no long thrashing tail. There was no sign of sharp teeth.

It was a brown monster from the deep... a monster grouper. The shadow under the boat was a giant fish that ate the best fish that Captain Greg had ever caught.

He was sad.

The monster was happy.

Tinned tuna was to be dinner today.