Langkawi 2

Post date: Jul 25, 2012 9:08:32 AM

We have been in Langkawi for 2 months. It is a magical place – just like the brochures say. Every day we discover something new, beautiful or surprising.

We have toured it by car as well as circumnavigating it by boat. The scenery is beautiful and varied. One minute we are driving through thick jungle and then there is a rubber plantation and around the next corner are rice fields being planted. Cattle and water buffalo keep roadside grass down and cheeky monkeys sit on the roadside looking for handouts.

It is quiet here now. The streets are almost empty and many of the tour boats and ferries are hanging around idle – waiting . It is the height of the wet season and there are regular squalls which include 30+ knot winds and huge deluges of rain.

And it is the Muslim month of Ramadan where faithful muslims fast between sunrise and sunset. Food stalls have been set up in the towns and villages to cater for the hungry after dark, but during the day in town it is quiet – many restaurants are not open for lunch and many other businesses use this quiet time to close and have their holiday.

We surprised a taxi driver with the request to take us to the Police Headquarters. He seemed horrified that two tourists would need to visit the Police here. The truth was that we had some documents that needed signing and were advised to get them signed at the Police Station. Not knowing where it was, we engaged a cab driver to take us there. He was a bit unsure about driving through the gate and was relieved when we said that he need not wait. . . even though he dutifully asked if we wished him to. The cab drivers here are really nice like that!

The police officers at the front desk were unsure of our request but a friendly Inspector, with reasonable English, understood our need and certified our documents for us.

Then we walked off to the dentist. I have had a problem with a tooth for a while and decided to have it looked at while I was here. We had been recommended a dentist, named Dr Chew. She was very professional and efficient. The filling was done and I was out the door in only a few minutes and it was very reasonably priced. RM 60 for a consultation and filling. ( where would that happen in Australia – and it didn''t even hurt)I think I will go back to have a more detailed check up before we leave here in case there is more work that needs doing.

Next we were off again - this time to the Fiord and the Lake of the Pregnant maiden, a fresh water lake close to the ocean. You can tie up boats at the jetty and it is only a short walk to the lake where there is infrastructure for safe swimming. Some say that if you swim in the lake you will become fertile. All we know is that we were no maidens . . .Sue and friend, Shirley, went for a swim here in the cool fresh water, with out fear of becoming pregnant.. We did not take cameras here because the monkeys have a reputation for taking anything that looks like a package, although we were not troubled by them. Some people were but they had food.

the Fiord is a magical quiet spot between 2 islands with very steep slopes and is well protected from all directions. So calm and still..