Nazlina in Penang has a wonderful website about cooking using Malaysian spices. She also has a great cooling schoo. Well worth a visit if in Penang.

This organisation has some good information about cruising in the Pacific, membership is cheap. They also run rallies in the Pacific and events in NZ.

This is the official website of the Indonesia Rally. It has lots of information about the rally and lots of blogs from former years.

This is where we went to have our boat sandblasted and painted in July. It is a very professional, clean and well run slipyard. Most boating facilities are here and there is a big shopping centre nearby.

Adam Ashby and his boys sandblasted and painted Lupari2 in July while we were at Lawries boatyard. We were more than impressed with the quality of the finished product.

Ubermoto is where we had the lettering done for Lupari2 in Maroochydore. We were very impressed with the quality, the response time and price.

We are more than impressed with the holding power of our SARCA anchor. We are hooked. Here is the website for more information about its properties.

Gold Coast City Marina at Coomera was where we came out of the water to have the rudder and propeller shaft checked and fixed. Another efficient and excellent boatyard.


Watson Marine Engineering are specialists in shafts and propellers. They are at Gold Coast City Marina.They were the right people for the job with the right gear right there.

Manta Dive - Gili Air - Indonesia

For the best Diver training experience - not to mention environment (a tropical island surrounded by coral reefs)

Our assessment - AWESOME !!! Professional, friendly, web bookings available with quick and helpful replies.

Stamp store

stamps stickers etc online.