Cruising Rules

A few thoughts on cruising according to Neil Bluestone

After our first attempt at bluewater cruising where many things went wrong, our good friend,Neil from sy "Bluestone" offered us the following thoughts on cruising

Never sail against the wind.

Have 2 ways to do everything, plus an emergency backup. Still won't be enough.

Your motor will break.

You will motor 35.68% of the time.

You will be short 21.3 lts diesel.

93.23% of your time will be on anchor.

(Do you know 67.82% of statistics are made up on the spot?)

It will not rain after you put out the rain catcher.

When it does rain, you will be anchoring.

The wind will be either below 10kt., or above 20. And never from the best direction.

Meteorologists lie.

Waves will be big and vicious, or small and rolly. You will get wet.

What you think you need, and take, you won't need.

What you REALLY need, you either won't take, or run out of.

Don't use a freezer, way too much power used, have 2 fridges where one can be turned off as required.

Take lots of bubbles and Bundy, Coke you can get everywhere.

Did I mention, Never sail against the wind.

Do NOT leave port on a Friday. (An anchorage, used during a cruise, is ok, just not a port)

It is absolutely, without doubt, a terrific lifestyle. Would not miss it for quids.

We would seriously think about a crew for any crossing of more than a week. (22 yo Swedish girl of course)

and some of our own

NEVER leave on a Friday

the wind will drop to nothing when you hoist the assymetric sail for light winds (they need some wind to be useful)

The wind will blow again when you start the engine because you are going backwards in NO wind.