Gold Coast to Bundaberg

Post date: May 18, 2011 6:02:10 AM

Week 1 summary

Left Gold Coast and arrived at Bundaberg.

We travelled 280 miles and are very pleased with our progress so far. Lupari 2 has performed very well.

We had 1 terrible night's sleep at “peaceful and beautiful” Tangalooma. It was for a while. It might be if you take a ferry over and stay at the resort. We didn't sleep at all during a south westerly blow, which wasn't even too strong. During the following day we had a great sail in exactly the same wind conditions. DON”T stay at Tangalooma if there is a south westerly (or anything blowing from the west I suspect) We had to move the boat at midnight as another boat was way too close for comfort and we decided that we didn't want to be near it. By morning a catamaran had been blown onto the beach.

We crossed 2 river entry bars, Mooloolaba and the notorious Wide bay Bar in perfect conditions, which relieved our stress a lot.

We found the bottom twice – once at Sheridan's Flats in the Great Sandy Straits and once in the Burnett River on our way to Bundaberg. No damage was done except to our pride.

We had 3 fantastic days sailing averaging over 6 knots. It helps to have the tide with you. Sometimes we were scooting along over 7 knots. It was exhilarating!!

During the week we met up with friends around the islands in southern Moreton Bay and Mooloolaba and in the Great Sandy Straits.

The Great Sandy Straits are beautiful, peaceful and riddled with mosquitoes and sandflies. It is, though, somewhere we would like to explore further on another adventure.

We have seen some spectacular sunsets.

It has been really cold – I know it is nearly winter but south westerlies are uncommon here.

Now we are in Bundaberg doing some work on the boat – the autohelm worked for a while in Moreton Bay but needed some more tweaking. It is now in bits. An engine bung has to be replaced and we are waiting on a replacement. While we are waiting we have an appointment at the Bundaberg rum distillery.

We have seen a family of magnificent, white-breasted sea eagles, only a few dolphins, one large swimming crab, but generally the ocean seems to be empty. No fish, no birds just a few boats.

We have met a few yachts who are doing what we are doing and heading north –

and its the furthest north we've been!!