Bundaberg details

Post date: May 30, 2011 5:58:42 AM

We had a few jobs to do in Bundaberg. There were things arriving in the post for us, glasses to pick up, a date with a rum distillery and an idle roller for the auto helm to make after designing it and sourcing the bits.

(Guess where I am?)Happy Greg

One highlight was the trip to the Bundaberg rum distillery. Factories are always interesting places. This one came with a taste test. YUM!! Like the liqueur . .

The other was seeing royal spoonbills feeding along the waters edge at low tide .

The flood damage was still evident in the trees along the waterfront. Rubbish was high in the branches and mangroves were pushed over with the force. The navigation lights and markers in the river had been replaced and the Mid city Marina is only a shadow of its former self. They were about to start laying new mooring buoys.

The places we needed to source the parts to make the idle roller were close at hand fortunately. the saloon and cockpit again became workshops and the device was manufactured in the "Captain's workshop"

Our last night was spent at the Bundaberg Port Marina as a celebration of a job well done and we needed to fill up with water and clean laundry. Mission accomplished by 11:30 the next morning when we slipped our lines and headed back out to sea after a week.