Back again

Post date: Jan 19, 2011 6:42:47 AM

We arrived back on the Gold Coast today after 6 great weeks in the Clarence River. We met some great people, had a wonderful time while all hell was breaking loose in the rest of the country and after we have slept off 24 hours of no sleep we will feel rested from the holiday. It was a real holiday, because of the weather we could not paint or do many of the small chores we were going to do while we were away.

It took us 22 hours to sail back against the East Australian Current. Quicker than the trip down though.

The sea state had finally settled after the flood had gone and the cyclones causing dangerous swells on the coast had disappeared ( It has been a tumultuous week in the Eastern states of Australia) so we decided to leave with 2 other yachts, one going our way and another heading south. The wind was south easterly and looked promising for the whole day and night. A severe storm warning for the Gold Coast had us slightly worried but we thought it should have passed by the time we arrived - it had.