boat storage

Storage in the saloon and galley.

When we bought Lupari 2 it had no storage systems in place in the galley or saloon. The lockers (what lockers?) were not there where other yachts have storage lockers under the seating. There was space. We have installed a set of plastic buckets and baskets for storing everything from food to delicate glasses. These are wrapped with spare teatowels and hand towels and newspaper and come out for special occasions. It is nice to have some special stuff and I am glad I have somewhere that is generally out of the way to store it. Some of the buckets are 2 deep as the floor of the saloon goes under the deck and is dead space otherwise. A wooden stringer in front of these buckets keep them in place when we are at sea and the only time we have a problem is that some of them, particularly the ones with tinned food in gets very heavy and hard to find what you want. Looking down on the lids makes it tricky.They slide out like drawers.

We use plastic buckets of different sizes to store lots of things, clothes, tools, fabric, books, toys food etc. they are great because if you get the clear ones you can see what is in them.

We label tins with black permanent marker on top and sort of sort them – beans here – fruit there etc. One day we will put doors on this and make it look like furniture.

Under the benches in the galley there were sliding doors with space behind them too. Here we installed an “ELFA” baskets and drawers system which works very well while we are on anchor or moored anywhere. 2X4 drawer stacks keep everything we need for daily use in the galley. Foodstuffs, tea towels, spices, cutlery. The only liability is if you are on a port tack and open the doors while heeling you may get more than you wanted. We have stopped the baskets from sliding too far back.They keep air circulating around the goods packed inside.

It did get noisy in 6m seas and they were banging in and out against the doors. We had tins in them then too.

Behind these, under the deck in the galley, are more buckets with deep storage. 3 months flour, the 3rd and 4th jars of Vegemite, extra packets of noodles, sugar, rice, jam, tins etc.. food for extended cruising.

I have made a map of the buckets and drawers on the whole boat and described what is in each with the date, especially useful for re-provisioning when lots of stuff has to go away. Then I can look at my map when I run out of something and I don't have to pull the boat apart to find some more tinned fruit, for example.

We have a 1 1/2 stainless steel sink which is really useful. I cover one with a plastic chopping board while cooking to extend my bench space.

Wine glasses are kept in a wine glasses rack over the galley. They have to be the right size to have stubby coolers on them to stop the clinking and to store the stubby coolers. Wine tasting glasses are perfect. They are held in place in the rack with elastic bands, or pegs.