Tasmania and Queensland

We arrived in Tasmania on the 1st February, but, by the time we disembarked from the ferry it was too late to drive to Hobart, especially as we had a very early start, and a long delay boarding the Spirit of Tasmania in the morning for the day sail. So we spent the night in a cabin down the road from the ferry terminal in Devonport, and drove the very familiar road to Hobart the next day.


There were 2 very happy people to meet us at home when we arrived; our home for the next month or so. We had not booked our flights out yet...not sure how long we would be staying. We helped around the house doing things that we could help with. We collected the stuff we had stored at a friend’s place for 2 years and brought it back to sort through. Some of it was going to WA, some to family and some we had to decide what to do with. It was very hard looking through our past and deciding which parts of it we don’t need to hold onto any more. We went sailing and had sleepovers. We caught up with many of our old friends. It was great to see them and talk to them about what has happened in the past 10 years, because it is 10 years ago this April that we left home.

We celebrated Sue’s 60th birthday with family and friends...a surprise from Greg...so thoughtful. We had a lovely dinner at Astor Grill, a month and a half early.

And our trusty little steed that brought us all the way across Australia decided that it had had enough. And she broke down on the 3rd day we were in Tasmania.

The most affordable option for wheels was to buy an old car, which we did, and it got us around for 3 weeks, although we did not go terribly far in it. And when we left our friend bought it for her son.

To Queensland

After a trying time trying to stuff everything we had brought with us into 2 suitcases, we realised that it wasn’t going to happen...kg limits on aircraft etc. so we bought extra luggage and flew to the Gold Coast. After waiting for an hour in the rain, we were picked up and taken home to our other family in Coomera for 4 days.

Then it was time to try and get our entire luggage to Thailand. The luggage rules are different for international flights so we had to rearrange and off we went with 3 suitcases and a cardboard box full of stuff for the boat and us.

The flight from Coolangatta took us right across Australia which was wonderful. We saw the great wide deserts and we exited the continent near Kununurra and Lake Argyle. Then we flew over Lombok and Bali and north over Singapore, but it was cloudy there, and then to Kuala Lumpur. We had just enough time to eat a burger and we were off on our next flight to Krabi, where it was almost ghostly quiet. There was very little happening. A helpful and safe taxi driver took us to Krabi Boat Lagoon where we dropped 1 suitcase in the condo and the others in storage, ate dinner at Catch Cafe, and went to bed.

It had been a long time travelling...since before Christmas . . .and here it was 3 weeks from Easter. But we were home... well nearly. Tomorrow we will go down to open up the boat.