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posted Jun 4, 2012, 9:06 PM by Sue Norris   [ updated Jun 17, 2012, 1:23 AM ]
Since leaving Australia, something on our to-do list was to see buildings older than anything built in Australia. We did see one palace in Lombok but have had to wait until arriving in Melaka to see more. Our first sight on opening the curtains of our hotel room was the local Christian church next door with 1710 written in large BLACK letters across the front of it.We knew we were going to have fun. It was St Peter's Church built by the Portuguese and still in use.

Melaka, Malaysia

What a history!!

At every turn there is history here.

First settled in the early 14th Century, and successively colonised by Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and English traders now its a state of Malaysia. It is a wonderful little city with interesting things to see at every turn. It is situated on the banks of the Melaka River and the historical core is maritime.

Melaka was a trading port for hundreds of years and celebrates the cultural variety that has come with the traders from China to Europe. Now it relies on tourism as its core business. Melaka is UNESCO World Heritage site and is proud of it. It has many excellent informative museums and cultural displays as well as showcasing the local Nyonya heritage.

The food is wonderful too with great variety. We sampled Chinese and local Nyonya food in our 2 days there. There are also good Indian restaurants and bakeries selling Dutch and Portuguese treats.

There is plenty for the shopper too. Jonkers street is a shoppers paradise if you have the time to look for interesting souvenirs, historical or antique items as well as interesting local arts and crafts. There is a new shopping mall near to the cultural centre of town too if shopping is what you like to do.

There is a “Wheel” and a revolving tower for those that like that sort of thing – apparently the view is spectacular. We preferred the view from Bukit St Paul (Hill)

A new marina has just been completed, good for those who sail with catamarans but too shallow for most keel boats at 1.4m. But the facilities looked nice and was only a short 10 minute walk from town. The Harbour Master said it was fine to anchor outside in deeper water and dinghy in to the marina.

There is so much to do here, but even in such a small place, there was not enough time to do all the interesting things there are to do here.

We will definitely be back!!


Cheng Ho Museum and Cultural Centre

RM 10

Maritime Museum RM 3

Melaka Sultanate palace RM 2

Fascinating history of this amazing man and his travels from China to Africa in 7 voyages in the time of the Ming Dynasty. 300 ships. Had a warehouse in Melaka, possibly on the site of the museum.

3 museums for the price of 1. interesting historical tribute the the maritime history of Melaka

Cultural heritage of Melaka and Malaysia dioramas of the cultures that have influenced the city.


St Pauls

Christ Church

St Francis Xavier church

Portuguese on Bukit St Paul now a ruin. interesting gravestones against the wall

Dutch in Town Square along side other Dutch buildings of the area, the Stadthuys – now a museum, clock tower etc..



Lunch shop hawker Chinese style

Lu Yeh Yen next door to Chinese temple

Nancy's Kitchen

Wonton mee soup.

Chilli crab, garlic prawns, mixed vegetables, lemon chicken, fried rice, noodles

frog, garlic prawns, lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, noodles and fried rice

2 nights out of 2 it was so good!!

tophats, spring rolls, prawn omelette, fried rice. Nyonya food local cuisine.


Grand Continental

Ok clean, comfortable, pool and quiet. Close to town

Other attractions

Porto de Santiago

Jonkers Street

Portuguese 1511

curio shops, junk shops, antique shops, craft shops,